Episode 39

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I have been following Nikki for almost 5 years  and I am grateful she takes the time to get extra vulnerable. Whether on Good Morning America or to her 250k followers, Nikki is the original OG of IG.

We chat about her struggle with eating disorders and how her path inspired hundreds of thousands on IG

Her next book releases in May and is ALREADY a number seller on Amazon!


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 Broken into three easy parts:

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Episode 38

Amaritday is a soul sister from another mister and this interview is taken from her session at the summit I hosted called The Women's Womb Healing Summit. It was so good I had to share it here!


  • Working from your Yoni-verse aka Womb Center Amplification
  • How to clear the Yoni of trauma (womb forgiveness to reclaim your power)
  • The Dis-empowered Yoni - Why does she get sick? Radical caring and feeding of the womb
  • Anointing the Goddess (Womb prayer & Yoni gratitude)
  • "The Womb Witness" & Maintaining Integrity (energetic allowance of Yoni activity)

Doula, Maven, Ceremonialist & Keeper of Ancient Ways. She is a Metaphysician, Scribe and Medicine Woman, walking her path in harmony with Taino Ancestors and studying their indigenous heritage and practices.  Amaritday carries the nourishment and energy medicine of our ancestors, integrating indigenous practices into every dish, prayer, class, workshop, ceremony, and ritual that she creates, witnesses or participates in.

Episode 37

This week I chat with Marie Young.

In this episode we talk

#MeToo and #TimesUp Movements and how we can use them for wisdom. We also chat about the sensual arts, tantra, sex and some cheeky convo about kali, goddess energies and paradigm shifts.

Through yoga, meditation, and coaching, Marie has helped her clients gain greater happiness and success in the areas of business, relationship, and wellness. Marie also advises entrepreneurs on building businesses around their passion-projects and advises women working in the corporate world on ways to experience higher levels of fulfillment.

For more information, email Marie at marie@marieyoungcoaching.com

Episode 36

In this episode, I speak with Holly Grigg-Spall, journalist, author of  "Sweetening the Pill: Or How We Got Hooked On Hormonal Birth Control"  and consulting producer of the documentary "Sweetening the Pill." Holly has been featured in a host of magazines, newspapers, radio shows, and at events around the world for her work educating women on the effects of hormonal birth control.

 I met Holly as a keynote speaker at SXSW Wellness Summit this year. Then and now, Holly thoughtfully articulates her experience of being on the pill for ten years, dealing with side effects, learning about all the ways women have suffered in silence with hormonal birth control, and how we are changing this dynamic.

Holly shares her thoughts on:

* How our views about periods affect our experiences of them

* Educating women about the side effects and build up effects of birth control

* Fears and concerns about stopping birth control

* The importance and health benefits of ovulation

* The brief window of fertility each month

* Alternatives to hormonal birth control

* Effective ways to track our cycles

* How the medical industry has been impacted by women asserting themselves

* Communicating with partners about fertility and our cycles


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Book on Amazon: http://a.co/2XqDmzT



Episode 35

In this episode, I speak with zensual woman and coach Ly Aunapu. Ly, pronounced Lee, an Estonian-born world traveler who currently resides in Sydney, Australia, helps women all over the world awaken their feminine power. Women come to her for help finding purpose and confidence, overcoming fears and limitations, and for deepening intimate relationships.

We talk about her desire to empower women to step into their strength and connect with their sensual selves without feeling like an imposter in their own bodies. We also enjoy a few moments comparing notes on life, love, and living in uncertainty as entrepreneurs. “When I feel fear, I know that this is a sign that I’m on the right path,” Ly shares in her friendly and distinct way.

Today, we dig into:

* Harmony between masculine and feminine energies

* Connecting with authentic confidence

* How fear and guilt hold us back

* Disney movie expectations

* Constant and deep communication in relationships

* Why she thinks of bananas as exotic

* Her love of starting over

* Balancing life on your own terms

* The ebbs and flows of life

* How risk builds trust


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Facebook group for women: https://www.facebook.com/zensualwoman/posts




Episode 34

In this episode, I share my experience attending an amazing event called The Camera Ready Experience. It’s a training that’s led by a couple with a combined 30 years of experience on camera; they’ve done everything from TRL to Telemundo. The Camera Ready Experience is a weekend-long event that helps you to amplify your impact on camera and in the world. I like to say it’s about showing up authentically.

For me, The Camera Ready Experience was very much about nurturing and allowing all the parts of me to coexist. It was a magical weekend. The facilitators and the attendees were amazing. I learned a lot about myself. An important truth for me is when we heal the womb, we heal the world. The Camera Ready Experience was an expansive experience that helped me to embody that calling.

Today, I share some of what I’ve learned, what I’ve relearned, and my reflections on the experience including:

* Being fully authentic and showing up authentically

* Letting go of old stories

* Stepping into a student role

* Exercises that helped me access different parts of myself

* Embracing all the parts of myself and all the parts of the people around me

* The benefits of such a communal experience

* Being open to new and different experiences

* The four stages of learning

* The physical manifestations of habits

* Considering the underlying causes of thoughts and conditions


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Episode 33

In this episode, I speak with Sunniva Holt, a New Zealander, author, and transformation and wealth alignment coach who focuses on helping women all over the world elevate their businesses and their lives. She’s created an amazing life for herself in spite of a lot of trauma. From growing up in a religious cult to having a frightfully tough pregnancy, Sunniva shares intimately about hardships she’s faced and how she’s created the life she wants in spite of them and because of them.

 She focuses on mindset and manifestation, getting into a higher vibration and doing the work. With such vision and focus, she has created a multi-million dollar property portfolio, a best-selling recipe app, The Daily Raw, and the life of her dreams. In her first book “The Hustle Life,”  Sunniva shares some of her story along with the steps and tools to creating a life you’re obsessed with. She testifies, “There is no growth in a comfort zone.” Her life serves as the example.

Today, we discuss a myriad of things, including:

* Getting your money mindset right

* The link between purpose and mental health

* How trauma has helped her transform

* Going after what you really want

* How the little things make the biggest difference

* Creating abundance

* The importance of self-worth

* Aligning all the parts of you

* Constructing a healthy body and healthy mind

* Setting up your day for success with morning rituals

* Getting shit done

* Leaning in to fear

* Clarity, passion, and purpose


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Recipe app- The Daily Raw: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-daily-raw/id983893414?mt=8

Episode 32

In this episode I have a delightful conversation with entrepreneur babe Martha Krejci (pronounced Kre-chee). She is the CEO and cofounder of Tribefinder, a directory of holistic practitioners, whose mission is to get healers in front of the people who need them. Martha sees Tribefinder as “a yelp for the enlightened” and is on a full-on media blitz this year that aims at normalizing energy work and alternative wellness methods.

Today, Martha describes the work she has done that has led her to this moment of facilitating a movement of lightworkers so they can facilitate an awakening.  As she shares what it takes to live her dream, she motivates, reminding us that “there’s literally nothing stopping you but your own mindset.”

We talk about:

* Divinely led footsteps

* How what’s supposed to happen ends up happening

* Really living and making and documenting memories

* Bringing the esoteric front and center

* The definition of a spiritual download

* Religious faith and energy work

* Old paradigm energy: the expectation that healers shouldn’t earn money for their work

* Taking “left of center” mainstream

* Shining light on the different sides of things

* Hanging out with three-year-olds watching goofy tv

* Passion, motivation, and the entrepreneurial life


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Youtube channel Tribefinder: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHkquQJ5USmINAqojBHqVMw